About Me

Denzyll is a 20 something Civil Engineering student graduate in the Philippines. :) She aspires to become a professional and work in a large construction firm here or abroad. She wishes to take part in huge construction projects such as skyscrapers, super malls, airports, or long span bridges. *dream on sister!*

The one event that sparked her love for beading and jewelry design is that time her sister asked her to make a multi-strand pearl necklace for her graduation ceremony. The whole experience was exhilarating, from choosing which materials to use to putting the finishing touches on the finished piece. :) Her love for this craft never faltered ever since.

Her handmade accessories can be seen and bought at djaDesigns and streetchiconline. Both shops are managed by her.

Aside from the whimsical world of charms and beads, Denzyll also chronicles her adventures with her new found love, make-up. You can visit her make-up/beauty blog here: Post Its!

Photo by Jeanie Rose Aldueso.
Got more questions? Send me an e-mail! djarcaya@yahoo.com

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