Tuesday, November 25, 2008

this is not a good day..
not a good week..
so anyway..
out of topic muna tayo..if the emoticons don't show up in my previous posts it means emo.huhiho.com is still down..
ganahan ba naman unta ko adto na site..
so yun..balik ta..
remember about the CE Week celebration i was fussing about..
and how excited i was with the pop dance..
well it all went down the drain..
(sa drain na naman! haha..)
wala juy ayo..
samuk ayo nang magpasalig na mangapil and when the time comes na magpresent na mangawala na dayon..
magyawyaw pa kay GIKAPOY daw kaayo sila..
wala ka nitungha ug practice so ayaw pagpataka ug yawyaw diha!
wala ka ni apil buhat sa display, and wala jud kay gi-amot!
saputon kog mga tawo na in-ana..
i mean, i was really serious with the events..
daghan ayo kog time gila-an para adto..
and then, wala..walay nahitabo..
kay, ikaw ra may gahago..
ikaw ra..
and when that happens..wala juy mahitabo..
even if you try really hard.. :(
and for the first time ever, nakakita akong mga college buddies na nibuto ko..
go..haha..shock sila..
because, well i have to say, i was always composed when i'm with them..
i'm the one na mag-english2..
the one who leads the group for a report or a group discussion..
the one who has all the answers..
i even think na THEY think na i have things UNDER CONTROL..
so..adto na time..wala na jud nako nitake.
ikapila najud ko gaingon na mag-practice na pero ang uban cge lag ingon ug
"uy, magpractice na ta.." and then magtabi..and magtindog2 lang all over the place..
WATIBER NASAD!!!!! grrrr..
so hala..
gadrama sad ko da..
but i really felt like doing it..
kay hopeless najud kaayo..
pero gi-apas ko sa tawo na kato bitawng feeler? kato cya ba..
ana cya "kalma lang..mabuhat ra nagi ni tanan..salig ba salig.."
WATIBER! ikapila na ko nisalig and you..and all the others FAILED to show me exactly that!
and tungod adto..
tungod sa kasapot, (kung kaila jud ka nako kabalo jud ka na..), nihilak ko..
siete..ever so much..
i just missed a lot trying hard to put things together for the celebration..
i come home late, i miss family dinners, i lost time spending with my lolo (which i think is the reason nganong CONSECUTIVE na amung away ron)..
bsta daghan! and when i remember all these things..
makahilak jud ko..
regrets regrets regrets..
hate them..and i hate myself for choosing this little thing over what really matters!
i just thought i could do the things i really want to do again..
it was the one opportunity i have to dance and be involved in extracurricular affairs again..
haysh.. :'(
but it just wasn't so..

i tried to tell you all these things today..
but..you just wouldn't listen..
you were too preoccupied with something else..
haysh..if only you could hear me..
i'm sorry..you were right..
it's not worth it..
NEVER again will i fall for the temptation to follow my dreams again..
'cause it freakin' sucks..
and it hurts too..

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