Wednesday, December 03, 2008

haysh..gabii na kaayo..
and it just breaks my heart learning about the news.. :(

christmas na nagi..
hapit najud kaayo..
and the season always brings up the thought of merry making..
but this year is not true for some friends i know..

i read Kim's blog sa multiply..
and she misses spending christmas with her family again..
with everyone present..

"Another chunck of the 'happy' family gone.." :(

and now..just minutes lolo..
dli na patrabauhon iya father sa Global..
last three days na niya.. :(
and from what lolo sent me via text message:

"..seems like this will be a cold christmas after all.." :(

unsa man ni na christmas uy..

BUT i want to be optimistic..
hopefully, things will change..
events will turn..
anything to make everybody happy..

haysh.. :(


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