Tuesday, February 10, 2009

abi jud nako dli niya na mathink..
but he surprised me..

nangluod jud ko honestly at first..
kay nag-away mi..
dayon gahulat ko na mutxt cya pro wala..
so ako nalang nitxt pro wala japon cya nireply..
heartache kaayo..
that just gave me a pit right down to my stomach..

pero katong pauli na..
he brought out a home made card..and my favorite MOST fave chocolate.. :)

"sorry.." he said..

OH C'MON!!!!

na tarog kaayo akong heart du.. T.T
i was sooo touched..
first time ito!!!!

i was smiling and happy the rest of the day..
this bliss might even last for a week.. :)

-i love you.

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