Thursday, March 26, 2009

As you may already know..
i absolutely love the beautiful and iconic Miss Britney Spears..

at the start of her new tour: "The Circus Starring Britney Spears" in New Orleans,
i have to admit i was teensy bit disappointed..

i  loved her dancing but at that show, she wasn't really showing much..
but since then, she has hit the roads and made countless shows in different cities..

and she's definitely made PROGRESS.. :D

she lost a few pounds since her first show..
she's comfortable on stage now..
she's DANCIN' like she used too..
she's just feelin' it.. :D

mwhahahahahahaha!!! XD
mamatay kayo sa inggit haters..

she's SO back.. :D
see some videos at her DC show..
she really looks cool and happy.. :D

love the tour brit!
love the production and love the costumes!!!! :D
you go girl!

for more of Britney visit her officila website @

-always & forever

thank you mickycris for these videos!

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