Thursday, May 14, 2009

we were in Cebu last week..
and like what i have been plurking, the decision to tag me and my brother along was instant..
my mama and papa weren't sure how long they will be'yun..
they went there to have a check up 'cause the conclusions the doctors here in Iligan just smells "WRONG" all over (we spent around P2500 for their maintainance drugs and yet their conditions are still the same..hmmm..).
and also, 
a second opinion wouldn't hurt..

and kapow!!!
what a shock..they got it ALL WRONG..
see it for yourself:
(i'll have to write it this way, it's hard putting it in paragraph form)

Accdg to Iligan doctors... "..enlargement of the heart.."

to Cebu doctors...  "..anemia.." -cause my mama's menstruation is heavy which is due to her nearing menopause
"heart slightly dilated.." -this was because she had a stroke na once before..

Accdg to Cebu doctors... "_________ (name of drug)? What's that? Naa d.ay na?"

and in the past, other members of the family experienced this too..

Accdg to Iligan doctors... " have a tumor.."
to Cebu doctors... "the muscles behind your eye are swollen.."

AUNT's CHECK-UP (she was pregnant)
Accdg to Iligan doctors...

"..the baby didn't's just a mass..a tiny blob of blood.."

to Cebu doctors... "you're 3 months pregnant.." and she really was..

-what are they thinkin'?!

a single picture to share..
this is me and my brother @ Toy Kingdom..
our last day in Cebu..
i helped him pick a cute plush for her girlfriend.. -.-'

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