Saturday, June 13, 2009

i am EXTREMELY angry right now.

i can't think of anything except ill things for THAT scholarship!

this is bad..
for whatever reason they excluded my course, i know that what i am feeling today is awful and ugly..
it's just wrong..


but i can't help it..
i was looking forward for that financial assistance..
i needed it.. :( i can't be a dean's lister anymore..
engineering is naturally HARD!

now what?
where do i get the money?

people may say that we can afford it..
maybe we could..but it's not like my papa has the money ALL THE TIME..
he's self employed people!!!
when he has no work, we have no's that simple.

why do you think i was TRYING SO HARD to stay in that freakin' list!
i need the assistance! i don't care about monthly allowances..
i just need somebody to shoulder my tuition fee for me..


i just feel that i'm left out..

i know i can pass that test..
i can get that minimum grade you set!


-life's a BITCH!

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