Saturday, June 06, 2009

i knew it!

classes are postponed for one whole week!
its already in the news..
CHED has declared that all colleges and universities will start their classes on June 15..


evil agendas aside,
the reason behind the whole thing is rather grim though..or is it?
i don't know.. i can't help smiling.. :)

*struggles to pull herself together*

i know i know..
it was a safety precaution thingy for the worlwide epidemic..
i should be alarmed or something..

but, the situation..this happening right now is rather repitative..
i could still remember the dreaded anthrax and bird flu, and not long ago, everyone was worried about Global, this replaces all those in the headlines..

(if you're a Filipino there would be bits and pieces of the Katrina-Hayden Scandal..updates..more updates and MORE! *wink*)

anyhoo, my point is..
the world is always busy concentrating on something..
one thing comes and then goes when something bigger comes along..

i just wish this phase would end..
and hopefully nothing more dreadful than the a(h1n1) virus will follow..

-how's that to end this entry? :D

i love you "Commission on Higher EDucation"!

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