Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i know i know..
it took me FOREVER to make another post..
but this sem was CRAZY! just crazy..
i never imagined this engineering course to be this hard.. T.T
now i'm just waiting for my grades to come out..
and hopefully i'll still make it to the DL..

i have a project in my hands! :)
weeee!!! i love projects..
i'm making my brother's costume for his halloween party..
and we chose this guy..

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy..
i really hope i can put as much detail as i can to this costume (and his sword)..
i have seen a LOT cosplays of Cloud..
and damn!
they're really good..

so i'm gonna try and recreate him too..
(with my brother..it's gonna be tough..HAHA! *peace*)

i'll post updates..
IF i can..



p.s. did i mention he's CUTE?!

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