Monday, November 23, 2009

plurked about a heart breaking dream two days ago..
and sh*t..
it somehow came true..
fortunately, not as horrible as the dream went..
but still heartbreaking..
it still freakin' hurts.. :(

i think he will never understand..
i think i will never understand..
we get along sure..but not with this..

he feels he gets left out..
i honestly don't know why..but he does..
i only get to do this for what? a week?
i only get a week to do what I KNOW i'm good at..
a week to be who i was..
a week to be me..
a week to be happy..

i'm not saying that i'm not happy with him,
it's just that..i have been BORED with all the college drama and studying..
i have been pushing this aside to be a good daughter, to secure my future..bla bla bla..
and here comes the opportunity..

and i don't get his support.. :'(
what's up with that?

p.s. i miss you.

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