Friday, September 30, 2011


Rockstar Princess (Necklace and Bracelet!)

Prices for raw materials are getting more expensive day by day! It is only normal because Christmas season is here and not to mention the numerous bazaars happening here and there. :) So I was thinking, how about making a "2 in 1" jewelry piece for the new collection? *liar*

Okay okay..I admit. I really just wanted a music themed statement necklace at the start. I have been reading a lot of local fashion and beauty blogs this week and I noticed that a lot of Filipina fashionistas liked wearing these kind of accessories. You know..fringed, tasseled, cascading pieces. After two days...tada! Rockstar Princess was born. :D

The whole piece.

Weee! I lurve it! And I'm quite pleased with myself that it turned out to be exactly what I had in mind. :D A cascade of beaded and charmed RANDOMNESS! From the shot below, you can see the charms better.

I didn't know what came into my mind that day. I just wrapped the necklace around my wrist and found it to be a perfect fit! It looks even lovelier when it's worn like this!

I now dub thee, the Rockstar Princess as my first ever "2 in 1" jewelry piece. Two gorgeous accessories for the price of one! :D

Peace out!


notyourordinaryteacher said...

Nice bracelet. By the way, I am joining your cool surprise giveaway :)

Tanya said...

Oh my! You had me at the word "rockstar!" I love this accessory!


Crystal Cruz said...

nice bracelet.I wish manalo din ako. :) I love it

ddenz11♥ said...

thank you girls! :)
please spread and share the good news! :D