Tuesday, January 17, 2012

After The Storm...

NOTE: I rarely duplicate posts on my blogs but I had to explain myself whi I have been on a hiatus for so long. So here it is. I am hoping that despite the influx of school work, I will still be able to update my blogs. :)

Well, here it is. Our home before and after the flash flood that hit Iligan City. It was truly unexpected. My Mama and Papa have been living here for more than 30 years and according to them, this was a first. Water was chest level (my standards) and the current was strong. But unlike those in other barangays, at least the flood didn't bring any large debris. So the damage in our home is, well relatively, minimal.

The "before" photo was taken on the morning of Dec.16,2011. We were going to send pictures of our Christmas decore to my brother and sisters in Cebu. The "after" photo was taken around 5AM of Dec.17,2011. Lights went off around 2AM and the water current subsided but furniture and appliances are floating everywhere! Surprisingly, me and my family didn't panic at all. In fact, we were laughing at ourselves despite our predicament! :D (Say what?) Yes. We found it funny to be swimming in our own house. The furniture and appliances were weightless! You can easily push a whole buffet table aside. We even had a dog (Flynch) swimming out and about! It was too unreal you see...too crazy. IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?! kind of moment.

It's a good thing though that we live in a 2-storey house. So when we finally gave up hope that there are still pieces we can save we went upstairs and stared outside our balcony. At least we had a dry bed to sleep and our clothes were saved from the flood. Now, the view from the balcony was horrifying! The picture you see here didn't capture how strong the current was. But it sounded like rapids going through our house!

Meet the Hero, my brother. He noticed something moving in the dark and when he lit a flashlight towards the area, a dog was struggling to break free from his chains. She was abandoned by our neighbor and she was drowning. My brother couldn't stand to watch the poor thing die. So he went against the surging current and saved the little doggy.

We weren't able to save much because we never expected this at all (even with the storm signal announced since Iligan prides itself as never having to experience a storm ever because of the surrounding natural barriers, we now know that isn't true). My heart sank when I found my workplace like this. :(

Ahh! My beads! My cameos and settings! My charms!!!! Oh well. At least I was able to salvage a few of my precious materials. And the finished pieces were upstairs tucked away in a corner. I brough them to a shoot and THANK GOD I was too lazy to bring them downstairs in my workplace where they belong.

During that time it was hard to think what the future for us looked like. The house was a mess. We were a mess. But when news came about the situation in other barangays, we quickly dismissed our self pity and welcomed everyone in our wrecked home to give them warmth, food, clothes and ears to listen to their stories.

Dec.17,2011 is a day no one will ever forget. I do hope and pray that those who who lost homes and loved ones will move on from this and will still find happiness in their future.


Sweet Balucanag said...

It's sad to know that you've experienced such a tragedy. But I'm still glad you're safe. I hope your community and the other victims of Sendong would be able to recover soon.

herroyalbleakness said...


We experienced something pretty similar to that during Ondoy. More than the havoc it caused our property, what remained in our hearts were the many blessings we received after the storm and the flood of heroic stories we heard in the neighborhood and in the news.

I was deeply moved about what your brother did to save your neighboor's dog. Kakatouch... during Ondoy, we lost 3 chickens we dearly loved. We saved the others, though, the cocktiel, dogs, cats and the rest of the hens and roosters. Yup, we have that much.

I am happy you have recovered. We both have dates to remember that tested our spirits :)