Thursday, February 02, 2012

CLOSE OUT SALE: Are we ready?

Yesterday, I announced in my Facebook, Multiply and Twitter accounts that streetchiconline and djaDesigns will be closed indefinitely. :( *sigh* I don't know, it's just very difficult to find time to make new pieces again. March is looming and there are just a lot of things to do before *ahem* my graduation. That is of course if I can make it! Haha! :D

To make things clear, I AM NOT SAYING GOODBYE to BEADING and JEWELRY MAKING! This is not the end y'all! I love this hobby. Probably the only one I was able to stick to for a very long time. Because before I was into digital scrapbooking, digital art, sketching, and stuff. I gave them all up because they were taking too much of my time. Beading however is VERY VERY THERAPEUTIC. I don't know what is it with beads but I feel better every time I walk away from my workspace. :)

However, I AM saying goodbye to my two shops for now. FOR NOW. I do hope after *ahem* my graduation I will be able to open streetchiconline and djaDesigns again. Hopefully..hopefully.

But before totally closing, I AM HAVING a HUGE CLOSE OUT SALE!

ALL REMAINING ITEMS from my inventory and a few of my BEADING MATERIALS will be up for grabs this Fabruary 4, 2012 (Saturday)! :)

And as a sneak peek of what's coming, here are pictures of my MESSY WORKPLACE as I'm organizing and preparing items this weekend. Find something you fancy already? Let me know in the comment sections below! ;)

Forrest Berries, Pearl Necklace and an UNRELEASED Statement Necklace. :)
The fringe necklace you can see Jeanie wear in this shoot.

Some silver and antique charms, beadcaps and embellishments.
Ugh! I can't even start to think how I will rummage through all that...

Mixed beads, charms, chains and much MUCH MORE!!!!

Here you'll see a glimpse of my remaining inventory.
The beads and chains you see in the foreground is a purple variation
of the same UNRELEASED statement necklace on the first pic. :)

Tempting yes? Yes?! :) See you guys this weekend!

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