Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NEW Blings

I have this thing for RINGS lately and I don't even know what brought that insatiable need to collect the LARGE ONES (they have to be HUGE!). :D I'm even loving some BANGLES! Like, what happened to all my earrings? So last weekend, I had this crazy idea to throw all those elements with my OFTD [Outfit For That Day. *wink*]: shorts, shirt, doll shoes and all these accessories. That's it. :D

Feeling fashionista? I don't think so. I was bored and needed inspiration for the day ahead so I did my best to feel good. Yes, I even put on a bit of make-up. GOSH.

BUT WAIT! Here's the good part. All that pampering paid off because I WAS FINALLY ABLE to have that LONG AWAITED breakthrough for my THESIS!!!! :D Yay!!! And just when I wanted to celebrate, I found even more "problems" to solve. Ahhh..the beauty of programming. :)

I'm currently working on my research so...I wouldn't be able to update as much. But I am having a giveaway and if you haven't joined click HERE or click the photo below!

I guess that's it for now, still have lots and lots of work to do. :) And oh! I just found out about picnik.com and learned that they're already closing this April. Boo! But it's a great online photo editing website! I fell in love with it the first time I used it! :D

The first picture was actually edited using picnik. Above you can see how amazing the tool is! I like photos with a "feel" like this. Vintagey, dark, mysterious..the list goes on and on of all the emotions I can think of whenever I look at images like these. Think instagram!

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