Wednesday, April 18, 2012


"We believe that great shoes will take you to places. Better arm yourselves with these babies. :)" - R&K Manila

R&K Manila is an online shop which at present offer the largest collection of gorgeous shoes for pre-order. Seriously, I have never seen so many shoes in my life!

RK Manila Logo

The best thing about their company is how they present their products. Looking for pumps for work? Try viewing the Office Styletto set. Feeling like going on a Safari vacation? You just have to see their Wild Jungle Collection! Every girl knows that there's a shoe for every occasion! And R&K Manila helps you get exactly that.

Here are my picks from their shop! And good news is, they have the Nude Pumps that I have been lemming for so long. :) If shopping for shoes, try getting those with a classic cut. And if you're short like me, wedges and pumps are your best friends! They give you the height but spare you from the wrath of killer heels.


If you're new to online shopping (or even if your aren't), they have provided an album dedicated solely to that purpose. Since you are going to be transacting online, reading the terms & conditions, payment & shipping options, and size guide will be of great help. Also, all of the product details are already posted on each picture which makes shopping a whole lot easier.

Aside from shoes, R&K Manila also sell bags for pre-order and on hand accessories in their other account, RandKManila. :)

candy bags

Like what you see? You can reach R&K Manila via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr (Ruby and Kristin). Or you can send them an e-mail to

HINT: Post Its! is going to celebrate it's first year anniversary! Guess who was generous enough to sponsor our giveaway? ;) Come back tomorrow for the announcement!

Logo and Photo credits to R&K Manila.

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