Wednesday, May 09, 2012

SHOP TO LOVE: Alunsina Handbound Books

I have come back to journaling a couple of weeks back and I haven't stopped writing since. :) It's really therapeutic and although I have only written a few entries, it's fun reading them once in a while! Unlike before, I have added pictures in my journal too. :D

But I have always wanted to own the perfect journal. And while I was just surfing the net, I found Alunsina Handbound Books! They offer these GORGEOUS LEATHER JOURNALS. OHMIGOSH. These are the exact same journals that have been haunting me in my dreams! :)

All product photos are from Alunsina Handbound Books.
I can't get enough of them! I love them so much that I actually added this to my official wishlist (and on my sidebar under "Shops To Love"). I'm saving to buy two for myself. :D Yes, two. Because I like the smaller ones and also to take advantage of combined shipping. Designs, availability and prices are issued upon request. So if you want to know these details you can visit their facebook page or email them at

Alunsina on coptic binding:
"Coptic stitch is commonly described as an archaic version of the chain stitch. Coptic binding itself is non-adhesive, and a coptic-bound book can be created with only a paper, thread, and needle."
"Books created with this method can be opened flat at 360 degrees without damaging the spine, making it a perfect canvas for painting and sketching. A coptic-bound book is also characterized by an exposed spine and stitches, which adds to its charm and uniqueness." 

The origins of their name is also quite interesting. They borrowed it from a legend of the Tumandok (an indigenous group in the Philippines) which tells a story about a goddess named Alunsina. FULL STORY HERE.

Now they don't only offer you GORGEOUS (forgive me for a lack of a better term...because there isn't!) JOURNALS, but lovely leather accessories as well. :)

These beautiful craftsmanship only shows how talented and dedicated the creators of Alunsina Handbound Books are! Hats off to Nadja Castillo and Enan Juniosa! :D

I would like to point out that as of writing this entry, I am not affiliated nor received any form of compensation or sponsorship from their company. I just love their journals and I admire their work! And I felt that the whole world should know about them! :)

And as always, I'm leaving you with even more pictures! AKA MY FAVORITES. :D

 You all know everything and anything nautical is my thing right?
You have seen it countless times in my designs.
Why would they do this to me? T^T haha.
 And of course, KEYS. I'm in love with keys. :)

Did I mention that you can have your initials printed on the cover? :D
Images too! How cool is that?!

These have pages you can write on as well.
But tiny charms and lace are sooo me. :)

I'm having two giveaways! :D Click on the links below to be directed to the giveaway posts. And while these are not done yet, I have another one coming! Ahh..thank thank you all. Be sure to come back to catch it. *wink*

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