Monday, May 14, 2012

Sneak Peek: Personal Journal

What do we have here? :D Too funky for you? Ahahaha. Let's take another break from jewelry!

Well, this was a graduation gift from my sister. Everyone in the family knows I love to write and doodle. Mostly doodle. When I decided to go back to journaling a few weeks back I thought of buying one but because I saw this lying in a lonely corner, I decided to use this instead.

I don't know if you want to read them or anything, but I'm afraid I can't share the stories I have written here. It's too embarrassing! :D But as I was going through the pages, I discovered lately I have only these things to write about: [1] procrastination, [2] rants and [3] missing my lolo.

Anyhoo, here's the first page. Of course, there's always the standard writings with text saying "The personal property of..." and to make this journal really personal, I attached a letter that was given to me which I hold dear. :) I always read this when I feel like the world is turning against me.

I incorporated pictures into my journal this time. :) I think this is a great idea! Why I didn't do it before bewilders me.

I know I know. But this chart caught my attention and honestly, it is true! I mean, I love The Game of Thrones and all..and I really didn't notice it until I saw this on 9gag. If you're a 9gagger like me, you'll get this! XD

Don't you think these are the coolest glasses you have ever seen?! I love it to bits! But my siblings seem to think otherwise. :D According to them, I look like a crazy person. Maybe to some people I do. But to me, I'm feeling John Lennon, Harry Potter and Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks...

....or maybe Minions? In my new journal, I also print out pictures of certain wishlist items. And what you see above is the plushies from PopJunkLove. Lovely shop! If you want to check them out, I have added their link on my sidebar for your convenience. :) I think I'm going to write a shop feature for them just because I adore them.

As of the meantime, join my giveaways! I have three going on. Check my sidebar for the banners or click on the links below to be redirected to the giveaway post. :)


Arra Jurado said...

hey!!! i love your journal, didn't know that I could make it as stylish as yours til I found this post. yey! for minions! ♥

ddenz11♥ said...

thanks! but I really didn't make much effort to make it look this way..the cover is already beautiful! but I'm happy it inspired you somehow. :)

krizzle said...

it looks cute. :)