Wednesday, November 05, 2008

weEeehh!!! nabanhaw ko from the ashes..hehe.. :)
hapit ko nakalimot ani na blog da..
and when i did find it, nalingaw kog basa2 sa akong gipangsulat2 katong highschool pako..
i admit..daghan struggles..and serious jud au ko pagsulat adto na mga entries..
pro karon..ginakataw-an2 na lang nako..
wala juy au..
it's not becuase i think of what i wrote as stupid, it's just that..
i don't know..daghan lang jud memories naka-attach sa akong mga gipangsulat..
things na nalimtan na nako..
haha.. :)
and to those, kung naa man gani na nagafollow sa ako blog..this blog..
hello again to yall! :)

first post ito as a college student..
and believe me hen i say i'm gonna bring this blog back to life! ^_^

before i go nga pala..
CONGRATULATIONS to MR. BARACK OBAMA for being the 44th president of the united states! i am one of your supporters here in the Philippines and i do hope you will carry your word..let us CHANGE THE WORLD! :)

let's call it a night guys..

-glad to be back-

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