Friday, December 26, 2008

the last post was me..

well..i thought everything would be totally different.. was..but anyway..
i thought Christmas would be awful..sad..and lots of other stuff..
but it went out to be okay.. :)

everyone was full.. (daghan pagkaon!!! XD )
everyone received the gifts they wanted (except me 'cause mama said she'll give me a new umbrella and i ended up opening undies under the tree! i'll have to buy me one..)
lingaw ra pud baya cya..
and bahalag nakapambalay ra jud mi to the max adtong 24..
we were really happy..
and bahalag hinayang na hinayang kaayo ming tanan kay wala mi kaadto ug Tangub and the sort..
we were safe..
and together..

sniff sniff..
i'm touched..aren't you? (Mcdo commercial ito! i am very careful with my grammar kay manawayan ra ba kaayo ko..haha! XD)
hahahaha.. :D

it came out to be fine..

merry christmas everybody.. :)


watch us as we open our gifts or blasted (bomba! jowk..) party poppers in our house.. ;)

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