Saturday, January 31, 2009

oh yeah!
had the BLAST last night..
i have this thing about dancin'..
and i can never shake it off..
ambot uy..ganahon jud au ko musayaw..
hehe.. :D

so anyway..
i joined the popdance for our department (civil engineering) for COE's Foundation Day Celebration Cultural Night..

the past few days were exhausting..
grabe ang practis..every night and dugay au mahuman..
i still have to go to class of course..
and do my homeworks..and study for my exmas..

plus..gipamaulan pa..dyus ku.. (warak kaayo ang choreography)

and when i was about to open my mouth and complain..
about akong kakapoy and all..
i'll have to stop myself..
kay ako gud ang ganahan mu-apil ani..
so AJA fighting!!!!
kakayanin lahat ng struggles!!!! XD

and so i did just that and friday (gahapon) finally came..

kulba to the max kaayo dutz!!!!
dyus ku..
but i prayed..we prayed..

so ok na to..
sus..bag-abot sa Comicals (Dept sa Chem Eng and Com Eng) da best man kaayo ilang performance!
dyus ku!
gikulbaan napud ko!!!!
tabang..nagdance2 gud ko sa akong mind..
and always..ALWAYS makalimut jud kog stepping or two..ever..

pagtwag sa emcee, "Contestant number 5!"
pagadto sa stage..
pagsiga sa suga..
murag ni take over ang isa nako ka-personality!!!!
baga au ug nawong du!!! XD haha!

hala WARAK!!!
wala na kasabot unsay gibuhat basta hip hop..
lingaw jud au ko..
happy happy happy.. :D

happy! tenenenenenten..oh honey honey! hehe.. :D

after our performance..naa daun nitxt nako..
HEAD sa DIP! (it's a dance group here in Iligan)
and this was what he has to say:
(wala jud g.erase ang txt! yaaaaaaksss! haha!)

"hi denz, im marlon from DIP, naa pka dre gym? I saw ur dancing skills nd im so interestd of it, pwed ka nako mainvyt amu audition?"

o? ha? ha?
hahahaahahahahahaha! XD
feeler kaayo ko dutz!

please..let me be..
at least someone thinks i can dance.. ;)

after the dance: kuya dan2, ate aj, me, and my lolo.. :D

can you tell?

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