Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day Everyone! :) http://emo.huhiho.com
i know Earth Day is on April22 and stuff..
and as you can see, this entry is posted April21..
here in the Philippines though we're a day ahead..ahehe.. --,
i hope that makes sense at all..

anyway, i'm just really really happy today! XD
and i think this is quite a post since my previous entries were all so gloomy..

Let's celebrate the Earth! Let's save our Planet!

Here's an Earth Day craft that you can make..
simple, easy..and it looks cute too.. enjoy!

Eggshell Egghead Planter
by Amanda Formaro

No fancy materials are needed. 
With just an eggshell, a little soil and some seeds, you can grow your own egghead. It's the ultimate in eco-friendly craft ideas!

What you'll need:

Clean eggshell with just the top broken off
Half a cup of potting soil
Teaspoon of grass, wheat or rye seed
Five to six inch strip of card stock
Glue or tape
Black marker (optional)

How to make it:
  1. If you wish, decorate your strip of cardstock. We flecked some yellow and blue paint onto ours with an old toothbrush.
  2. Tape or glue the cardstock into a ring to hold the egg.
  3. Use a small spoon to fill the egg almost to the top with potting soil.
  4. Sprinkle the soil with seed.
  5. Add a thin layer of potting soil on the top.
  6. Carefully water so as not to overflow or soak it.
  7. Keep in a sunny location.
  8. Your seeds will begin to sprout in a day or two and your egghead will grow "hair" in about a week!
  9. If you like, you can decorate the outside of the egg with a black marker by drawing a face on your egghead.
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oh yeah!

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