Thursday, April 16, 2009

how can you totally tell you love someone?
don't look at me..

i just know i do..


but i can never really tell the world that i feel that way about him..
sure, it won't make such a difference since they all know how we feel about each other..

they tell us, "what's the use for you to be officially together when obviously you two love each other?"
whatever you freakin' morons!!! it's none of your business!!!

*looks around*

but we know better..
it's always nice to set your feelings out in the open..
it always feels good when you tell the whole damned and doomed world how you feel..
that despite everyone's freakin' problems in life,
we're happy..

*sigh* again..

being in my family is hard..

being a sister, a daughter, just simply being part of this family has taken it's toll on me..
i know it has done me good..
they made me look at life differently from others..
i'm responsible, and i love my school..myself..
i have received all sorts of awards and gone to different places without being a flop..

it's just hard dealing with all these responsiblities..
hard to cope up with other members of the family who are "done" serving this family and are now there..out in the open running their own lives.. :'(

when will my time come? :'(
i am just so tired..

i may be wrong for saying this..
'cause i never really tried anything new..

but i want to make mistakes..
go crazy on the streets..
party all night long..
have a crew..
win competitions with them..

i have been a good daughter..a good sister..
and i'm thankful to them for raising me up like this..

but i have never tried living my life the way i want to..


i love you..
and i think you'll have to wait for me a little longer..

and if you'll choose to leave me before that time comes..
i think i'll understand..

-i want to break free

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