Thursday, April 23, 2009

i had a really freaky dream last night..
even more, it was the first time ever that i had a dream this vivid before..
i stopped remembering my dreams probably by the end of my elementary years..
and now..this..freaky...

i was somewhere outside a laundry business (very popular in the US)..
and i was workin' it with this indigenous filipino pump (termed "bomba" in many rural areas) to provide water to the establishment..
after a couple of seconds, the water ran out and people started running..
so i ran as well and i found myself running down a maze-like spiral staircase.. (what?!)
and at the last step i was in MCC..
i finally remembered that i forgot my slippers and went to go to the girl's dorm,
but when i reached down to get them, i saw a reflection on a piece of glass (i don't know where it came from) of someone behind me carrying a bat, ready to swing it at me..
i turned, and i saw the gaurd with maniac eyes hitting me with the bat..
but it didn't hurt..
by instinct, i wanted to flee, so i kicked his groin..HARD..and ran..
i ran like crazy..
and then..
i woke up..
what was that?!


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