Saturday, April 25, 2009

i finally saw him.. :)
it has been weeks now since i last did..
and i missed him..

as usual, he's still himself..cute and all..just adorable.. :)
while he was driving, he always asked me what i want..
but i get the feeling that he already knows..
i guess he's just trying to make sure..
whatever lolo..
no matter..

he treated me during his first pay.. :)
i know his money was hard earned..
and i know it was meant for a lot of things as well..
but he still wanted to include me in the list..

after eating lunch, we headed out to the mall..
ugh...there isn't much there 'cause it's new..
so we ended up playing in the arcade..i suck at the racing thing..
http://emo.huhiho.comcurves are my weaknesses..ahehehe..anyhoo..
we headed out after attempting to win a teddy in Dream Catcher..
we failed by the way..(goodbye P6.00)

the next stop, and probably the best place on Earth, was by the seaside.. :)
he knows i love it there..i've told him..
and with a few snacks we bought on the way, we enjoyed the moment..
and HE enjoyed picking on me! hmph!
http://emo.huhiho.comrrrrrrrrrrraaaawwwwrrrrr! and i'll get mad..ahehe..i can't help it..
he likes to tease me..
but what's funny is i enjoyed it still..hahahaha..OMG..cheessyy..
i was just happy we had the whole afternoon to ourselves..
it has been a while since we did that..
even at school it would be hard getting alone times with him..

we were planning to wait for the sunset.. was time for me to go..curfew and all..
when we were inside the car, he asked me if i was happy..
i told him yes and as i predicted..
he didn't believe me..grrrrrr...whatever..
i hope he's just pretending..hehe..and knowing him, i think he was.. ;P

i was really happy..
i hope he and i will always be like this..
i hope we'd have lots of years together.. :)


-that's why i fell for this guy

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