Tuesday, April 14, 2009

this was just a crazy day..

i got a deep cut on my finger and it's all because of me..
or was it?

i didn't notice it at first..
i was in this intense and heated conversation with my mother,
which by the wat was the reason why i unconsciously smashed the plastic bowl i was carrying around the kitchen..
it was plastic..and so i thought i t wouldn't break..

but like glass it broke into pieces..
and it cut through my finger..

i only realized i had that cut when i went towards the dish rack to get another bowl and noticed i stained blood on one of the dishes lined there..
i hate blood..
i hate seeing it!
especially if it is of my own..

what hurts even more was what my mama was saying..
i never said a word everytime she would talk all sorts of things about me..
but this day..
this day was different..
i HAD to talk back..

i talked back this once..
and she condemns me for the rest of her life.. :'(

it hurts 'cause my brother talks back at her everytime..
and she always ALWAYS forgives him..


i hate this life..
i hate hate HATE myself for thinking to run away..

running away can never do anybody any good.. :'(

i'll have to stay..

-i'll stay

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