Wednesday, April 15, 2009

*just watched an episode of "May Bukas Pa", a Philippine drama series*


i hate it when they PRETEND to listen..

I HATE it when they think they KNOW EXACTLY what happened..
when NOTHING..NOTHING AT ALL happened..
(not one bit of it significant)

and you never did do anything wrong..
they are so ready to believe that you did something so sinful to put you in hell..

i HATE it when they do that..

it's out of love?
sure..there's nothing wrong with that..
i know they only want what's best for you..
'cause they have been there and done that bla bla bla..

but i think they should truly try to trust us..

we'd trip and they'd say, "don't say i didn't tell ya.."
when in fact they should tell you to get up and move on..

parents these days..

i promise am never EVER gonna be a bad parent..

-cross my heart

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