Thursday, May 21, 2009

http://emo.huhiho.comon top of spaghetti..
all covered with cheese..
i lost my poor meatball..
when somebody sneezed.

it rolled off the table..
and unto the floor..
and then my poor meatball..
went out to the door.

it rolled off the garden..
and into a bush..
and then my poor meatball..
was nothing but mush.

ever heard that nursery rhyme before?
well i was singing it in the kitchen while i was cooking..
and my mama and papa was there too having coffee..
and it's beacuse of this simple song that we had the greatest debate ever! haha.. :D

my mama was saying that it was impossible for the meatball to runoff with just a sneeze..
it was even hilarious for her that the meatball went as far as the garden! X'D

my papa on the other hand said that the lyrics was lacking..
he said that it is in fact plausible for this meatball to roll off with a single sneeze but it CAN'T go through the slit under the door! :D

so i rebutted that the door was open..

he replied with this:
"then it should have said, 'and then my poor meatball went out to the open door'.."


-whatever! :p

pahamak na meatball!

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