Tuesday, May 26, 2009

this is taking too long..
when will Bleach ever end?
the anime is coping up with the manga..
grrrrr..its going way too slow..
as expected, i like watching the anime better than reading the manga..
i just love watching the battle scenes.. :D

anyway..i read the manga 'cause i wanted to know how far the story has gone..
and i'll tell you, it hasn't gone far at all!
i still love Bleach though..
best anime EVER!

here's what happened in its latest chapter (Bleach 358):

Arrancar #2 FINALLY got off his chair..throne..something..and made a move..
and with that, he revealed something about the Espadas..which i think is worth mentioning.. :)

he looks dangerous..
imagine fighting against "OLD AGE"!
you definitely can NOT stop that..

anyhoo, Hitsugaya is fighting Arrancar#3..
not the best match ever..they're too slow..
both of their weapons are water-based (liquid and solid forms!) so like..
it would most certainly end up in a draw..that was what i thought until this..

and then the chapter ended..boohoo..
i think they should add more pages in these..

but all we can do is wait..hope there's more of a story coming up in the next chapter..
most of the pages in this one was spent on "staring" and "standing" and "thinking"..
but whats a manga/anime without those elements..

-Tite Kubo! make more!

ps. btw, the text in the manga is read from left to right!

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