Wednesday, May 06, 2009

you read it right!
it really is..
and it's not only special because it's the first----
it's also because of the persons who gave this award to me.. :)

thank you biggy & kim!!! 

i get really excited about little things such as this..
'cause as dinky as it may seem, it has touched thousands and the impact is all so great..
i may be lined with others who have received this award, others who have MUCH BETTER blogs than mine, i am grateful still that i am one of the persons to be given this recognition..
yay! ♥

soOo inspiring..
and not to mention cute too..
how the whole award is done..anyhoo..

receiving this award has its perks too.. :)
and they are.. *drum rolls*

for the awardee (that would be me..--,), to list 7 of your favorite things and

for the awardee to pass this to 7 other loved bloggers.

here i go! and my 7 favorite things are:

food - weee! i just love to eat..PERIOD.
they give me more than energy and nutrition, they GIVE ME COMFORT AND LOVE!!!!
haha.. :D

animes - a lot of the forums i took part in, a LOT OF people think that getting addicted to animes is immature..animes are cartoons..and cartoons are for kids..
animes may mean "animation", but these Japanese cartoons are packed with life lessons on love and friendship..pride..dignity..
what do you're Simpsons offer?
a stupid, irresponsible father (by that i mean Bart)?
peace yall..Anon1313..i still didn't forget.. ;)
love - "the greatest thing you'll ever learn, is to love and be loved in return.."
need i say more? :)

family&friends - life would be a bore without the people that love you..
you share a lot of times with these guys..
dreams, tears, laughters..even CRAP!
but most :)

dancing - it's a passion i can NEVER erase in my system..
there are just some things that can't be expressed in words or writing..
performing on stage will always be the most exhilarating experience for me.. :)

architecture - i have a thing for houses..haha!
i find it fun going to places and looking at different home designs..
looking at these houses also give me some inspiration to build my dream house..

the seaside - i just find the place REALLY romantic.. :)

The end.

And now, I, ddenz11, will award this "Kreativ Blogger Award" to the following bloggers, who are all talented and unqiue in their own way:

congratulations to all of you! You deserve this..
have fun!

-7 is not enough! :D

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