Monday, May 04, 2009

60 seconds was all it took for this campaign's ad to get my attention..
see it for yourself.. :)

just inspirational.. :)

Ako Mismo is about us, Filipinos, taking responsibility for our country..making a stand..
to do our share in helping the Philippines in any way possible..

Ako Mismo doesn't ask for money nor does it ask you to patronize a certain politician or product..
it only asks you to pledge to do one good deed to help the country..
big or little, as long as you pledge that ikaw mismo ang gagawa..
then it will surely make a big difference.. :)

making our committments..
taking the country's progress into our own hands..

-ako mismo..

PS. thousands of pledges have been made by many Filipinos every minute..
and i'm happy people still have the love for this country..
many still hopes and dreams of a greater Philippines..
AJA! Let'd do this!!!!

and oh! congratulations to manny pacquiao for his win against hatton!
asteeeg talaga! round2 pa lang pinatulog na ni pacman si "hugman"..
mabuhay ang mga pinoy! mabuhay ang pilipinas! :D

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