Saturday, October 30, 2010

I always wanted to learn how to make photo charms to add to my charm bracelets.
And thanks to Youtube, I finally know how!
And I'm addicted to it!

The miracle worker here is this thing they call "liquid resin" or resin for short.
I had a hard time looking for the product here so I browsed online and found someone who sells them for P950. I thought it was too much, but after looking at sites like Micheal's and Walmart I think she was selling it pretty cheap. So I bought it!!!! :D

Anyhoo, the first few batches were horrible. T.T
The resin reacted with the photos I was using.
I'm not sure how it turned out that way because I was pretty sure I followed the directions carefully (they were in Japanese btw..ha!)
It was a complete bummer because I was wasting a lot of settings and photo frames.

I ALMOST didn't want to make another batch. But what the heck. Let's do this one last time and if still doesn't work out, then I'll go hang myself. I KEED. I KEED. XD

So yeah, I tried one last time and the results (so far) were..hmm..
And I have some pictures to share:


"we're just ordinary people
we don't know which way to go
'cause we're just ordinary people
maybe we should take it slow.."

Various resin pendants designed by yours truly. :)

I just love ballerinas!
This is probably my fave piece out of all of 'em.

What can I say?
Practice makes perfect.

Hopefully by tomorrow the photos will stay as crisp as they are now.
AND HOPEFULLY the inks will not bleed. T.T
Please please please..

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