Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Since we we're pretty busy last Valentine's Day,
we had to move our dinner date last night. :)

Don't you just love a juicy baby back rib for yourself? :D
Anyhoo, since it is one of the very few dates we EVER had..
I dressed up a little.. ;) *wore a little make-up even!*

And boy do I like to wear something pretty!
I had a babydoll on, and I thought a pretty cameo necklace will finish my look.
So I made me one!

Here's a closer look at that pendant.
Made with:
Butterfly Resin Cameo on a 18x13 Brass Setting
Brass Dancing Girl Charm
Brass Chains and Metal Components
*no need for chain extenders anymore..this one's for moi! :)*

I rarely make jewelry for myself,
cause I always end up not liking it for me. -.-'

But this one..this one's gonna stay. :)
Since it's made with brass I'll have to clean it once in a while.

Also, received a few compliments that night!
And I can't help but get flattered. --,

So this is the price for being INLOVE?

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