Friday, February 25, 2011

Bottlecap Pendants

Going green with bottle cap pendants! :)
Or something like that..
Lazy me didn't want to bother looking for bottlecaps..
let alone mix some liquid resin to seal the images!
Hehehe.. --,

The settings were bought and because those without holes are cheaper by P3,
I had to borrow a mini drill from my lolo. :)

Photos were sealed using resin dome stickers. :D <--HA!

Featuring artwork from Josephine Wall (upper left and bottom pendants)
She makes BEAUTIFUL paintings with themes that I LOVE:
princesses and fairies!
Maybe someday I can afford to buy one of her paintings. :)

Josephine Wall artwork (top pendant).
Ain't the dreaming Psyche pretty? ;D

Which one's your favorite?

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