Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sneak Peek: Farley's Charm Bracelet

My weekend is SUPER HECTIC.

Mr.Trini, our Structural Engineering professor wants the architectural plans, floor framing plans, and all the slab designs by Tuesday. T.T
And I only finished drawing the floor plans.

This is bad. Very bad.

Aside from a lot of school work, I had MTOs due this week as well. :D
OMG. (still had the time to blog of course.. --,)

Anyhoo, spent the whole afternoon working on Farley's charm bracelet.
She studies in the same university I go to majoring in Chemical Engineering. :)

Farley wanted to incorporate a LOT of themes in one bracelet!
Which made the piece a lot harder to design.


Like my "Seaside Stroll" Charm Bracelet from my February Collection,
she wanted silver and antique tones for the piece.
The same chain was also used.

Here's a pic of the whole piece.

Just received a PM from her tonight and she said she loved it!
Me likes it as well. --,
'Cause although there were several themes combined,
all the charms still blended oh so well together!

This one's a quickie!
Gotta go guys.
Til next post! :)

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