Wednesday, March 09, 2011

SHOW and TELL: Personal Necklace Collection PART 1

Sharing a few pics of my own jewelry collection. :)
First up are necklaces made by Carla of ClayBaby.

Like what I shared in a previous post,
I buy MOST of the necklaces, bracelets, and earrings (MOST ESPECIALLY the earrings)
that I wear every day. :D

The necklace below is a gift I gave to mama for her birthday...buuuut..
we share a lot of stuff so this one is mine as well! :D nayahaha!

The pendant is made with polymer clay (red roses) and embellished with
glass and czech beads, lucite flowers and crystals.
All these are carefully wire wrapped on an antique filigree by Miss Carla herself! Sweet! :)
Beaded chain was designed by me and the bead pattern on this one inspired my Autumn Charm Bracelet from my February Collection.

Size comparison. It's huge!

This one here is one of my fave neckpieces. :)
And my mother's as well.

Floral Cameo pendant is made with polymer clay and handmade by Miss Carla. :)
It was love at first sight I tell ya!
Pink and black are so my colors. --,
And pretty flowers are L-O-V-E.
Size Comparison. Inset size is 40x30mm. :)
Floral Cameo is set on a copper setting.
Chain and locks in copper tones as well.

Pretty, no?
If you like Carla's work, leave a message in my cbox
and I'll share her contact details with you. :)

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