Wednesday, October 05, 2011

SHOW and TELL: My New Friend!

One more item in my wishlist down! Even though I have been doing the hobby for over a year now, I only got MY OWN BEAD BOARD yesterday. It's my birthday gift to myself. :)

Bead boards are used to lay down the design for beaded bracelets and necklaces. It also has markings so you'll know how long the working design already is. Thank god! I don't have to work with tape measures anymore (but I can still use it for chained jewelry pieces).

The reason why the bead board stayed in my wishlist too long is because, to me, they are a bit pricey. I'm always thinking that I don't really need it as much as the other tools like pliers, findings, etc. because I can still design accessories even without it. The regular price of Php 250-300 was too much. With that money, I can buy more chains and charms which are more important. But luckily, an online beading shop was having a clearance sale on all available items. And lucky me got to the beading board first for only Php150 (from Php250). Yay! :)

FIRST IMPRESSIONS. From the pictures, I thought the bead board was made with hard (and heavy) plastic. But the beadboard that arrived was lightweight. Sorta like the platic cupcake racks you see in the malls. The bead board's surface is made out of felt to keep the beads from rolling off and of course several "pockets" are incorporated to carry various beads and findings.

However, there are a few defects with the board that can't be ignored. :( From the following pictures you'll know what I mean...

Faded markings.

Various dents around the edges of the bead board (probably due to shipping).

Good thing that's that. Because if it arrived broken I so want my money back. :D Over all, I love my new friend. I hope it will last long because I have SO many ideas in my mind and all of them involved gorgeous beads! In fact, here's one that I'm cooking up:

Up until now, I'm still deciding which direction to go with this one. As of the mean time, back to studying for my exam. :D Til next post! Ciao!


eji patanao said...

i also love beads, in my elementary days, i used to have an organizer for my beads, i also do my own accessories :))

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Lina Kim ♥ said...

I've always love to play and makes something cute with beads! I made a lot of beaded keychain when I was in junior high school, now I feel like I want to start over with bracelets <33 thanks~~

CutestPrincess said...

looks so cute!

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ddenz11♥ said...

Thank you girls for visiting! :) Checked your blogs and links as well.