Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sneak Peek: Chained Colors

I think it's about time I make silver toned bracelets! :D Silver chains and findings are really not my favorite materials to work with, but a lot of people are always looking for silver in my shops. So, of course I'd have to meet that demand. Like Rockstar Princess, the design for Chained Colors are inspired by the numerous local fashion blogs I have been visiting these past few days. And my oh my! These gurlies are amazing!!! It makes you proud that you're a Filipina.

I only have a few silver materials in my stash and for the "base" of Chained Colors I can only make three ergo I need to choose three colors for the satin ribbons I'll be using in these bracelets. After much deliberation, I chose to use RED, PURPLE, and YELLOW. I'm kinda surprised I didn't throw in PINK there! :D

Aside from the different sizes and chain designs, I also opted to make "detachable" accents for Chained Colors. So the owner will have a choice to use the bracelet base and stack 'em up with other bracelets or bangles or to wear the bracelet alone with its dangle of charms. :) Here's a look at each bracelet and their unique charm accents.




And of course a shot of how these bracelets look like when worn. I kinda like Chained Colors stacked up like this!
Like 'em? Well they're already available in streetchiconline and djaDesigns. And lucky you will have a chance to buy them at their lowest price because I just opened my Christmas Sale albums last Saturday and Chained Colors are in one of those albums. *wink*

'Til next post!

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Momee Gee said...

wow.. these bracelets are awesome! :)