Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sneak Peek: Statement Rings

I still can't think of a better name for 'em. Ugh..brain you should make up something good fast because the shop is opening tomorrow! :D I will be uploading a LOT of new pieces as well. So don't forget to drop by djaDesigns or streetchiconline to see what's up! Anyhoo, here's a sneak peek on how I made these rings.

There are already A LOT of people going into the online selling business. The top3 best selling products being apparel, make-up, and accessories. So I though if I am going to compete with these shops, djaDesigns should be offering something that's new.

TADA! Okay, I know the idea is not as novel as I would have wanted it. But the designs I made are pretty much what's in nowadays. Since you know, everyone is either doing SUPERHERO SIGNS or SCRAPBOOK INSPIRED pieces.

Plus, the designs I ended up making tells SO MUCH about me (anime, 9gag, BANANA!). Except the HP one. I haven't read all the books nor watched the whole movie series. I'm not a big fan but I don't hate it either. Although I am meaning to get my hands on all seven books and finally finish reading them. :D

First off, gathering the materials. I used a few spare bottlecaps from a previous collection, domed resin stickers (my EasyCast was ruined by the flood), a few blank base rings and my good 'ole Mod Podge! After securing the images inside the bottlecaps, I sealed them with resin to protect it from wear ant tear and also it gives a more of a finished look to the whole piece.

See the difference? Images are magnified!

Of course, attaching the blank ring base to the bottlecaps comes next. I would have used e6000 for this but again, I lost it during the flood. I settled with Mighty Bond instead. It gives the same strength as e6000 but it tends to ruin the material a bit. Which kept me thinking, what is in this thing?!

Lastly, a group shot! :) I made 5 designs just to test the waters first. If this turns out to be best sellers then I'll definitely think of other designs to add to the collection.

ME GUSTA has got to be my favorite from the bunch! Just look at his face! :D A little side story, Going Merry got sold even before I launched the collection. Haha.

ME GUSTA! when worn.

Photo by Jien from our shoot yesterday! If you followed my new FB Page, then you have seen the teaser photo I posted. :D Yay! I'm just too excited for tomorrow. See you all tonight!

UPDATE (4/23/12): These rings are now AVAILABLE at djaDesigns & streetchiconline. :)

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