Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tips and Tricks: Revamping Old Earrings

If you're a hoarder-ish person like me, then you'll know that insatiable feeling of buying more! In this case, I love collecting earrings. Last March I wanted to buy a new pair for my graduation dress but thought otherwise and revamped this old pair from my stash. :) Yes, I am trying to TAME that hoarder-ish side of me.

The one pictured on the left side on the photo above is the original design of the earring. Don't get me wrong, it's really pretty but I'm wearing a black blouse and a cream dress for the event. Anything purple doesn't really fit. So I went ahead and got my pliers to work, removing the floral studs from the piece.

I wanted something simple but girly at the same time. And after a couple of minutes playing with different materials I came up with this rough design.

I know it looks like a no-brainer but it took me quite some time before arriving at this one. Maybe this is the reason why I seldom make my own accessories, I am so hard to please!

Because I didn't want the earring to dangle too long, I decided to string the black teardrop crystal and the floral spacer together through a headpin. After creating a loop with the round nose pliers I had this to work with.

Almost done! All that's left is to connect all three elements with jump rings and voila!

This is how the earrings look like when worn. :) Please do excuse my horrible skin! I made this project extremely late and I didn't want to put any foundation on to take this pic. Notice that I'm just wearing my good 'ole PE uniform! It's cumfy you know in this humid weather.

So that's about it! I know I haven't been blogging here for quite some time. *my camera acted up again* But for sure in the next days I'll be regularly posting in this blog. :) And oh! I'll be hosting a MINI GIVEAWAY soon.


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