Saturday, May 26, 2012

Huge Charm and Bead Destash!

Goodbye my loves! This is extremely hard for me, but I know I'm making the right choice. I mean if I wouldn't let all these materials go I'd be suffering the whole trip to Cebu!

Ah, yes. The inevitable has arrived. I'll be taking the CE Licensure Exam come November and this June, I'll be travelling to Cebu to attend a review to prepare for it. :D This is crazy! I'm nervous already. But anyhoo, I know I couldn't possibly take all my babies with me. So here it is, AN UBER HUGE DESTASH of my beloved charms, beads, cameos, settings and what not!

More photos and close up shots after the Jump!
I have collected these materials over the years and I think I have grown attached to some of them. :) Sentimental fool! But it is how I feel.

18x13mm Floral Cameos

Ran out of E6000 and I can't seem to find any good deals online, so I decided to sell some of my cameos as destash. They are all still in good condition!

25x18mm Brass Cameo Setting

Of course, who would want to buy cameos without settings? :D This one was imported from the US! No signs of aging whatsoever. Very high quality with a few scratches on the inset. No need to worry though, because once you adhere a cameo or cabachon on it, the scratches will be hidden from view.

Je t'aime Charm Lot

Can't think of a better name for the lot. As you can see the charms are pretty random! You'll get 2pcs Antique Brass Pitcher Charms, a Gold Skate Charm, the Silver Je t'aime Charm and the cute Gold Heart Locket. :) 

Jigsaw Charm Lot

Although you can use these as pendants as well. :) One of my all time faves! This is perfect for couple bracelets or necklaces. Both pieces when together read "You are the missing piece to my puzzle." :D

Silver Pewter Charms

The last pieces of the Pewter haul I did last year. And as you all know, I love nautical themed everything! Haha. Pewter, I think, is one of the more popular material for charms in the US. They have a distinct sheen and they never tarnish. :)

Gold Book Locket

I was also a HUGE HUGE fan of lockets. The obsession probably comes from my love for vintage, timeless and memorabilia-like pieces. This is probably the same reason of my fondness for keys and diaries. :)

If you like what you see, head on over to Street Chic Online to see what's still available! :) There are much more items for sale there too. My Destash album went live 2 hours ago. But I think there are still a lot of pieces left for you.

Go on. Give my babies a new home! :)


NATALIE said...

awww they are so beautiful

I invite you to check my blog out

I am interested in doing a collab with you :)
I have some ideas in mind.

ddenz11♥ said...

Thanks! :) Just let me know what it is and I'll see if I can do it! :D