Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekend Escapade!

Where was I last weekend? :D  May 18-20, 2012 marked our family's 25th GRAND REUNION. My Mama and her brothers and sisters celebrated the most important people in their lives who are, Idion Cloma and Saling Namata, their parents. :) Let me take you to Pana-on, Ozamis City, where it all happened!

The trail leading to the sea!

DAY 1. I just can't get enough of that sight! Just look how beautiful it is. :) I decided to tweak around with my camera's settings to give this photo a more...oh I don't know...vintage feel? Think instagram!

I was assigned at the registration table so...a territory not so familiar to me. Back in school, I always headed either the Decore or Culutural Events Committee. But I think I did pretty well. :D We were surprised to receive 91 registrants all in all!

The caretakers say that the beach was off limits, but we just couldn't resist. --, An outfit shot and this one here showing my brother and the still waters of the sea. :)

Walking back...
Too scripted? Haha. My apologies. I wanted a candid shot of myself walking down this beautiful trail. So sorry if it looks forced! :D

DAY 2. Hawaiian Night. This sounds crazy but my Mama and her sisters were finally able to perform the Hula Dance they have been practicing for over a year! :D I'm not even kidding. Everyone wore floral board shorts, lei and maxi dresses.

From left: My cousin Thessa, Me, my cousin Kuya Japeth & Belle, and my sister, AJ.

Group Shot with mah Family! My Kuya's not here though.
He's currently in Atlanta for this training stuff.

Because we're crazy like that.

DAY 3. Grand Night. We weren't able to eat well during Day 2, so on Day 3 we made sure we had the biggest share of the food! Haha. XD Shrimp, Beef Steak, Chop Suey and lots and lots of RICE! Plus, ice cold Coca-Cola. Yum! Anyhoo, everyone was dressed up as well.

I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures during this night because there were A LOT of videos! There were dance performances everywhere. And yes, I too danced. A cute Hawaiian Dance called Hukilau.

This was the first and last vacation I had this summer. It's kinda hard to admit but I just let the days go by without doing anything really productive! Haha. What a summer right? I just didn't want to do anything. Thinking that I deserve this "rest" as a reward for graduating (excuses..excuses..). Nevertheless, it was a GREAT weekend! Tiring but fun. I can't wait to see these faces again in 2014.


Em said...

Sounds like you really had a blast! I love family gatherings, this post makes me miss those that we had. :)

ddenz11♥ said...

I did! :) Family reunions are the best!