Friday, May 04, 2012

Show and Tell: April Charms, Beads & Pendants!

It's been a while since I made a haul post. And I'm excited to show you some of the supplies I got last month. Better late than never, right? :) I have already incorporated some of them on my new designs, so one or two might look familiar to you.

Because of the flood last December, I lost most of my materials and it was only last month that I went to replace those which I lost. I bought several findings along with these charms, beads and pendants. :)

Korean Beads.

I am always on the search for pretty beads! Because sometimes, all it takes to make a beautiful bracelet or necklace is to use the appropriate beads on the piece. Now I haven't used these Korean Beads yet. They're quite big so maybe they'll look great as pendants or charms. :)
Filigree Beads.

Antique Bronze Floral Bails.

Fell inlove with these bails the moment I saw them! :D I have a thing for anything floral and I thought this will look great with wired necklaces or bracelets! In fact, I already used one for Nature's Elegance. :) I'll do a beaded charm bracelet using these elements as well.

Clock Charms. 

GCelf and Fleur Charms.

Charms will be the death of me. I just can't stop buying them! There are even times when I really like a design that I would refuse using them on a piece! :D I usually keep two or three pieces for myself for charms which I find just absolutely gorgeous! Same thing goes for beads. If you haven't seen many Turq bracelets in my shops, it's probably because I'm hoarding those pretty stones for myself! Haha!

Peacock Pendant.

I know a good find when I see one! Too bad there's only 1pc left of this beautiful pendant. Look how intricate the design is! Another thing I love about this piece, is that you can attach three other charms at the bottom part. :) If I do make this into a necklace, I'll be fighting with myself again whether to let it go or not! :D

Valentine Inspired Toggle Locks.

I'm not a fan of locks, but I find this one pretty unique! I also have this UNFINISHED bracelet which I have been working on for months! :( I can't seem to get it right. Let's just hope using this toggle lock will do the trick. Will share the bracelet when I do finish it. :D

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