Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Giveaway Alert: Up for Make-up Beauty Bag Giveaway

Look how pretty those bags are! :) And I bet you'd love to see what's inside as well! Georgia of Wake-up For Make-up is giving these away to two of her readers. :D If you want to know what's inside, read on!

Photo credits to Georgia Agbayani.
The winners of her giveaway can choose between the Pink or Purple make-up loot bag. :) And here's a sneak peek at all the goodies that's inside.

I also contacted Georgia for something special! Please do visit my make-up blog, Post Its!, to know what it is. I will be announcing it in the next few days. As of the moment, please do join and support her giveaway. You still have time to join as this will end on the 26th of May 2012. Follow Georgia's blog here and to read the full mechanics of the contest, click here.

I'm also having a make-up giveaway with my own. My make-up blog turns one next month! And I'm celebrating this event with a make-up giveaway with R&K Manila. JOIN MY GIVEAWAY HERE!

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MajorieAnn Mahusay said...

I'm going to join this!! ;)