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REVIEW: Cutey Bracelets

Cutey, jewelry making company from the UK, contacted me a few months back to ask if I wanted to try out some of their charm bracelets. And of course I said yes because I live for all things pretty in this world! :)

Cutey's Shamballa Bracelet (left) and Philotes Charm Bracelet (right).

The quality of these pieces are amazing. And the design is also something that got my attention. The structure of these bracelets (especially Philotes) is something that is unfamiliar to me. Learn more about these arm candies after the jump!

Charm Bracelet (Philotes)

Don't you just love the name? :) Here's a trivia for you, the whole collection of Cutey's charm bracelets are named after gods and goddesses. Philotes is a minor Greek Goddess who belongs to a group of deities of love which includes Eros. She is the personification of affection. 

Cutey Charm Bracelet (Philotes) 

Unlike other charm bracelets that I have seen and made where the charms are hung on chain links, Philotes' beads and charms are strung through what I can only describe as a metal chord (non elastic).

Yes, it's a bit unusual but somehow the design works. It's charming! Cutey describes this piece as the perfect gift for the favorite woman of your life. And I agree. What can get more feminine than pastel pinks and that cute bag charm!

The weight of this bracelet is great as well. Although I think the charms are made from plastic, the weight of this charm bracelet mainly comes from the glass beads.

I have mentioned before that what keeps this piece together is the metal chord. Because the charms and beads are strung, you can imagine that they'll slide up and down through it. What I love about this design though is that it has a stopper at the end to keep the charms from falling off when the lock is open. See? :) Genius!

Lock when opened.

Speaking about the lock, it definitely is different from the other components that I have come across before. Well, that would be because I haven't worked with metal chords like..ever. Ha! The lock when closed would blend well with the other charms and when worn the whole piece looks seamless.

Lock when closed. Can you spot it though?
Okay...that perspective makes my arm look weird. I swear I have normal looking human limbs but anyhoo! Philotes was a bit too big around my wrist so it hung almost halfway through my arm. But you can have your bracelets customized by Cutey so you'll have your arm candy in your size.

Philotes is only one of the many charm bracelets Cutey has to offer. To see the whole collection, follow this link and tell me which ones are your favorite in the comment section below. I'm eyeing Aether and Pontus. :)

Shamballa Bracelet (Blue on White)

While Philotes is all about being pretty, Cutey's Shamballa collection exudes the energy of the edgy and chic! :D I can see myself wearing this with a cute shirt or even with a dress for a formal event.

Blue on White Shamballa Bracelet

All the bracelets in the Shamballa Collection have 9 clay beads woven together with a wax chord. For people with small wrists like me, the adjustable drawstring lock is heaven sent. And even smaller bracelets are available for the kiddos!

Look how pretty and sparkly this thing is (each bead is studded with 84 crystals). Aside from blue, these bracelets also come in different colors and color combinations. Check out the whole collection here. This one is named the Blue on White Shamballa bracelet. But I love the pink (surprise surprise!) and gold ones too.

Shine bright like a diamond...

Cutey described this bracelet to be inspired by beautiful blue skies during summer. "The pale blue and white will awaken thoughts of tranquility, happiness and dreams".

And look, it can go with anything! I have been using it everyday since it arrived and it still looks good and new (with the proper storage and handling) alongside my trusty watch.

Shamballa bracelet when worn.

Overall, these bracelets from Cutey are stylish and are of high quality. No loose gems or suspicious squeaking sounds or anything like that. These pieces were skillfully made and I seriously love all the material and components used to make them. You can tell that the people behind Cutey put a lot of thought (and love) on the design and creation of these bracelets.

It's nice to know that there are other people who share the same passion as you, and at the same level at that. :)

Like what you see? Go and visit Cutey's website or follow their facebook page and twitter account. Thank you very much to Cutey for sending me these GORGEOUS bracelets!

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