Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion!!!!http://emo.huhiho.com
this is what i like about "completed" animes with very few ep..
every one is just amazing!
very informative and a LOT of secrets revealed..

the anime reminds me so much of Gundam Wing and Deathnote (two must watch animes as well!)
maybe because they have these ultra-perfected robots (in the case of GW, they call 'gundams' and in CG, 'knightmares'), that can be manned and can  move exactly like a human being..not rigid and symmetrical like what we see in Japan's latest robot model..

OR maybe because GW and CG are BOTH created by Sunrise..ahehehe..

also, the main character, Lelouch thinks like Kira of Deathnote..
they want to change the world..and they were granted the power to do so..
both of them are really intelligent and they always keep their cool..
that's why it's really scary seeing them flip out sometimes..

anyway, LOVE the series!
i'm downloading Season 2 right now and although it seems that Lelouch is dead meat in the first season, i still have 25 EPISODES MORE to watch in CGR2!!!!
wheeeee!!! i can't wait!
the torrents @ 92.7% while i was writing this entry..
'cmon people! seed seed seed! :D


for anyone who is interested of downloading the series here are the links:
enjoy! :D

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