Sunday, May 03, 2009

with 25 episodes i'm done with Code Geass..

why?! why Lelouch?!

if you're interested in watching the whole anime for yourself,
i warn you to NOT READ THIS BLOG!
i'll have to spill spoilers 'cause i can't take it!!!!!!!!!
here are the torrents by the way:

i HATE HATE HATE that the series has ended na..

but..i know..that i just don't want Lelouch dead..
the ending was great mind you..

why?! why Lelouch?!

i must admit that he has killed so many..
he has committed A LOT OF SINS..
but..who hasn't?
mga hugas-kamay na Black Knights! Oghi! Todou! Schnaizel!!!!
kayong lahat!!!!!

he had no choice.. :(
can't you see?

but he WAS RIGHT..
it was the only way i guess for the world war to end..

dump all hate on a tyrant..on one person..
make him the ONLY enemy of the world..
and when he was killed, by his best friend by the way (some friend you are Suzaku!), all hatred died with him..

awwwww... :( heroic AND tragic..
he left the world with his name tainted as EVER..
only a few knew what he did..perhaps that's better than none..

one of the BEST animes i have ever seen!
just beautiful..

-i'll miss you Lelouch!

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Kissing Candy said...

I loved Lelouch! But there's gonna be a movie btw :) With extra scenes!