Monday, February 28, 2011

Sneak Peek: Resin Pendants and Charms!

Remember the resin pendants and charms that I made before?
Well I tried to make a new batch yesterday but sadly..

it didn't turn out well. :(

I had to make the liquid resin mix 3 times!
And still the bubbles won't disappear.
I mean like THOUSANDS of them. This never happened before because after I let the mix set for 5minutes after stirring, all the bubbles would disappear.

I used up the last bit of resin just to have EXTREMELY TINY BUBBLESstill.
It dried up really fast too. BOO!

Lookie here!

Bottom view of the plastic cup I used for the FIRST mixing.
Those aren't specks, those are bubbles!

So anyway (Teenie? Is that you?), I was only able to make a few pendants and charms.

Images Used: Eiffel Tower from a Vintage Postcard (Left),
Vintage Image of a Rose Bouquet

You can't tell from the pic but the eiffel pendant had
LOTS of BUBBLES! It was hard to work with because the resin was drying!

Size Comparison. They're huge!

Next up, are the charms.
Pretty settings, no? They were the last ones I had.

Images Used: Alice illustration by Sir John Tenniel (Upper Right)
Princess Barbie Silhouette, Eiffel Tower Image from a Vintage Postcard

Here's a size comparison for these charms. :)

Although I was bummed that I wasn't able to make a lot,
these charms and pendants turned out really pretty!

Will incorporate these charms and pendants in my pieces soon. :)

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