Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Making of Happy Dog Supplies

Decided to finally open my own supplies shop! :D

Cute, no? :D
So the question here is, who's HappyDog?

Tooooo CUTE! :)

Tada! Here he is!
He already came with a name when he was given to me last Christmas,
and I wouldn't want to upset the little guy by renaming him. :)
Thank you to my lolo for the gift!

It was my brother who gave me the idea for the shop name.
He was just going over the whole house adding "supplies" to everything he sees:

"Globe supplies...Toy Supplies..HAPPYDOG SUPPLIES!" :D

You have to admit there's a certain ring to it.
Now on to the logo making process.
I really wanted HappyDog (the stuffed toy) to be in it.
But I just can't get a decent picture of him.

Awww..Don't be sad.

He's all wrinkled up. T.T
Because his head is too big, his face pushes inwards when I place him on a smooth surface.
But BRILLIANT me found a way around this dilemma. HAHA!

Talk about multi purpose!
There's a reason why I have tons of organizers in my work table. ;D
Took a couple more pics and finally got what I was looking for:
this wide shot of HappyDog. :)

Can't take pics of the set-up now. :l

Yellow is such a happy color. So I concentrated on that color schem
and ended up with a very cheery and bright site! :D
Link to my shop at the sidebar on the left.
(And at the end of this post.)

After a couple of hours, tinkering in Photoshop..
the FINAL LOGO for HappyDog Supplies is finally finished. :)

What do you think? :)

Visit my Supplies Shop here.
Visit my Jewelry Shop here.

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