Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have been MIA since..oh when was that last post.
Again, got caught with a a lot of stuff..
both important and not so significant stuff.. :D

Anyhoo, here's a quick UPDATE on my life:

1. OJT
First company was terrible no..HORRIFYING I tell you!
Maybe I'll spill the deets in another post. :)

Found a new company but I'm racing against time.
I hope I will be able to finish 320hours just in time for my classes this June.

2. Twitter
Haha! I said I wouldn't do Twitter right?
But here I am, an official Twit. Whatever they call 'em.
It was more of a "requirement" to join a giveaway contest.
One that's giving away 5 UBER CUTE DRESSES! :D

I had to join. Teehee!
Before I forget, FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! *wink*

3. CRAMMING (for a new collection)

My sketches! :D
Planning on making these Statement Necklaces.

Ahhh! I don't know why I still cram.
Haven't I learned my lesson?
Buying charms and new supplies, designing..and..NADA!

Haven't even started making a new piece yet.
Except for this one...


Yay! Made this a few hours ago.
Taking the tut pics was hard! SUPER.
I had to do the tutorial and take pictures of it at the same time?
THANK GOD for the "self-timer" feature on my cam.

Read my tutorial here:

It's loaded with pictures (can you imagine the amount of work I put into this article?! :D) and made the steps very easy to follow. *wink*

I am looking forward to make new tuts in the future. :)
Please do visit them at Bukisa to help me earn extra income! Hehehe..


BARBIE! Ah, I have always loved Barbie since I was a baby.
And finding this Vintage Barbie image inspired me to renovate my shop!
It took a few days AND it's still not finished.
Not for me though's really not done yet. Hehe.. :D

But here's how it looks like right now..

Visit my shop to see the whole rennovation up close! :)
Click here:

So that's it, weeks of absence summed up in 5 uber short points. :D
Hehe, will be able to blog more now that I will have the weekends off.

Hope you're still there!

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