Sunday, March 20, 2011

SHOW and TELL: For the LOVE of BEADS!

I have a confession to make..
Haven't studied for Hydrology kasi.

But how can I?
It's been ages since we had a formal class,
ergo I have no notes whatsoever.

We don't have any reference books.
So what's there to open? :D HAHA!
And I loathe researching for something to study OVER THE NET.

I ended up taking these pics! :D
As promised, here are close up photos of the pretty stones and crystals
that I mentioned in the previous post.
Metallic Black Faceted Crystals
Oooh! Shiny! *.*
They're a little expensive for their size (P10 per piece!).
But the quality of these beads are well worth it!

These crystals are the same ones I used

Size Comparison
Told ya their tiny, but they have a nice weight! :D

Faceted "Floral Crystals"
I swear these beads are PRETTY!
Lookie here!

I can't tell if the flowers are either painted or etched into the crystals.
But as you can see, the design worked!
(Did you notice the little trick I did with my new cam? :D)

The iced tea colored crystals are the
same ones used in "Floral Paris."

Size Comparison
Again, tiny but pricey!
I honestly don't mind.. --,

I also have a thing for turquoise.
I don't know if it's the color or texture, I JUST LOVE THIS STONE for its natural beauty.
Here are a few round turq stones I have.

Natural Turq

White Turq
Kinda looks like marble. Another fave stone! :D

But this particular Turq is one of the very very few beads

This heart shape stone is just so rare!
And the "streaks" on the stone just makes it more beautiful. :)

These beads are the same ones I used

Size Comparison
Each bead is very heavy and they are cold to the touch.
Typical with all turq stones. :)

The rest of my current bead collection will be Majorica Pearls.
Hey be nice! Haven't got the chance to collect beads
because I'm just turning one year doing this hobby. ;D

Anyhoo, here's a pic of my set-up.
It's the red and white OMNI lamps again. :D

Teehee.. :D

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